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Nets and Posts for Fencing



Nets for Fencing System and Posts for Fencing System

Terranova produces Nets for Fencing Systems  for more than 30 years. The new Terranova's post are the best alternative to the classical "T" posts. Terranova's posts have a particular shape and a high percentage of Zinc Coating (Z275) which guarantee a long duration of the fencing system over a long period of time. Nets for Fencing System are produced by using exclusively certified material made in Italy with Zinc Coating (Z275).

Nets and Post for Fencing Systems

Orchards and Vineyards Coverings


 TERRANOVA has more than 40 years experience in the implementation of Orchard Systems and Vineyards Coverings. TERRANOVA's posts for Vineyards and Orchards are designed to last over a long period of time. Thanks to their special shapes and high quality of the employed material Terranova's posts can support a weight of more than 50 tons per hectar.

Post 120 TZ1 (supports 200 Kgp) and  Post 180 TZ2 (supports 600 Kgp)

Orchards and Vineyards