Arcs ,pilasters and the junction elements, which form the metallic skeleton of the greenhouse, are made by using galvanized steel(Zinc coating 275).  Both lateral and frontal gutters are made by using hot dip-galvanized  steel, in order to guarantee a better performance of the gutter itself over a long period of time . 

Arc-greenhouses have  usually standard lengths: 7,50 - 8,00 - 9,00 - 10,00. Customization of the  is also available.

Greenhouses can be covered either with plastic film (polyethylene film) or corrugated rigid plastic sheets ( polycarbonate- Wave 76/16) . White-milk opaline undulated sheets are used too. This kind of materials is particularly indicated for storing purposes, because creates a  shadow effect.

Greenhouses entrances have usually a standard width of 2,40 meters and variable height in relation to the greenhouse’s height. We use sliding doors on double track.

We provide several types of windows. Manual Curtain windows roller blind. Guillotine windows.Upper windows “Mushroom”. This window in based on a  vertical sliding frame (from up to down and vice versa), through a vertical ratchets system moved uniformly by an unique transmission board. This window is located in the upper part of the greenhouse and  creates “the chimney effect”. Its major use is to get rid of the warm air created internally by the greenhouse. Both Guillotine and Mushroom windows can be operated manually or automatically(using an electric engine). Two ways can be used two manage the electric motion: either a simple electric panel (open-close) or a computerized system that acting on temperature, wind and rain parameters can automatically manage windows closing and opening.